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workforce optimization platform

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Eliminate clipboards and paper-managed processes. Gather human insights using custom mobile apps that YOU can build in minutes with “codeless programming”.


View custom, dynamic, shareable reports. Create collaboration rules for the App to automatically “hand off” tasks from one worker to the next, vastly improving work time (vs. travel and idle time).


Get ahead of problems with proactive trending alerts, identify patterns and activities with machine-learning and use AI to identify images, colors, sounds, vibrations, etc..


The Modifi Platform Pillars



Drag & drop app builder lets you map your custom process and deploy sophisticated data feeds from humans + sensors.



Send simple or sophisticated workflows + sensor commands to one or millions of users.



Track each step, while being a customized “digital assistant” to users in the field.



See trends and anomalies quickly, so you can be proactive, not fighting fires that you could have seen coming. 



Drive decision making with facts on beautiful, rich, customizable dashboards.  Correlate your MOD data with outside data via API. 



Train the system to learn and spot trends & anomalies. Be proactive, by using our machine learning and AI modules. 


of executives find ROI by going paperless


of business costs are associated with people

5 Billion

 estimated number of smartphone users


Modifi’s engine gathers sensor data and combines it with human inputs.

No code. Just smart.

Connect field workers to the office, inform employees of their next task in a process, enhance human-collected information with sensor data, and visualize it all to get insights you need to optimize.


Case Studies


"Who wants to go through reams of paper to find out what happened? You won't even know you have an issue until your customer calls, and that's way too late. "   

Bob W, COO of a Fortune 500 company


About Modifi

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You are the hero.

Our workforce optimization platform is the just the cape.

Modifi revolutionizes simple day-to-day tasks and with our “codeless programming" - anyone can manage and monitor remote work forces without friction and unnecessary costs.  Bye, bye, paperwork.  Hello analytics. 

Workplace transformation is continuing to evolve and the numbers are staggering. By 2023, businesses will invest over $24B in making their workplaces more technologically advanced, but the cost of employees will still exceed 70% of their budgets.

How can business fully benefit from this investment if they don’t consider the success and satisfaction of their employees?

That's where Modifi comes in - making data more accessible and the work more fruitful. Check it out for yourself and see why so many businesses are evolving to be more employee-focused and data-driven. To learn why, Modifi.