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Automate Your

Start digitally transforming your business in just minutes.

When you Modifi, you build custom applications, plug in your IoT assets, and orchestrate your business operations without writing a single line of code.

Our Product

Custom Apps

Quickly build and deploy custom applications for Android and iOS using our simple drag-n-drop app builder with numerous elements including checklists, photo/video capture, barcode scanning, and more.

IoT and Sensors

Make smart sensors and smart devices an integral part of your business process and custom apps, automatically capturing GPS, accelerometer, sound levels, and more. 

Dashboard Analytics

Collect and visualize all of your data with our broad range of configurable widgets including maps and graphs. Get everyone on the same page by sharing dashboards across teams or your entire business.

Data Integrations

Import and export data from other applications use in your business to make the flow of data seamless across

Machine Learning

Leverage many cutting edge technologies from automatically tagging key elements in your images or training an ML model to know automatically whether your trucks are pulling a full load.

Operational Control

Dispatch tasks to individuals or teams. Monitor task and workflow progress. See worker locations and what work remains for the day.


Drag-n-drop Application Builder​

☑️ Build Applications and Process Flows visually

☑️ Add Sensors into your Process Contexts

☑️ Add Rules and Intelligence to your Applications and Process Flows


About Modifi

Our Story

We are an entrepreneurial group who believes you are the hero and we are simply providing the cape.

Our Vision

We are building a future where non-technical staff can deploy the most cutting edge technology to address business needs, rapidly iterate solutions to keep up with changing requirements, and automate processes to improve efficiencies.

Our Technology

Our cloud-based, modular architecture means our service is reliably available when and where you need it, and extensible to keep up with your evolving needs and the latest, cutting-edge tech.


Featured Customers


Featured Industries


Our telecom customers use Modifi to:

☑️ Optimize workforce coordination and visibility with task dispatching and automated workflows

☑️ Standardize processes and reduce errors with custom apps, digital forms, and automated close-out reports

☑️ Reduce worker's comp insurance costs by demonstrating reduced time tower climbing



Our pricing is very competitive and flexible. One size doesn’t fit all, nor does a single pricing approach.
Some clients prefer to pay “per-task”, while others “per-user”. We typically cost less than any substitute. Please contact us for your tailored solution with a tailored price.

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