“My employees are fearful of technology taking over their jobs.”

Yes, we heard that during a recent sales call. But let’s get real about what that means.

According to a recent study from SnapLogic and as reported in Small Business Co.UK, over 90% of employees are burdened with repetitive tasks that could easily be solved by technology.

In May of 2012, Rose Hoare, CNN wrote about boredom is the new workplace stress. Her article quoted several research studies where boredom created debilitating outcomes – increases in on-the-job injuries, malfeasance, and loss of key people was not uncommon.

And yet, our clients are worried about the impact of introducing technology to the workplace.

What if there was a way to introduce sophisticated technology, solutions in communications and collaboration, and reward your best employees for their insights and know-how? What if you could slip that solution into their hands without changing the way they already do the work or use technology? What if you could see their input, feel their impact, and benefit from their improved efficiency?

According to PEW Research, cell phones and other devices are used by over 95% of Americans today. This means that almost every facet of our workforce is both familiar with and functioning daily with a device in hand.

FastCompany reflects on the power of gamification in the workplace.  Creating metrics and KPI’s for daily work targets and being able to gather data immediately allows employers to pick out star performers and get employees rewarded in a fun way.

At Modifi, we deliver on the promise to make workforce insights made easy, but we do it a non-intrusive way. We help you transform the work you do every day into codeless apps that push out to phones and devices your team I already using. Now, instead of carrying clipboards and losing those pesky Post-it notes, they input their tasks and work to phones or tablets. Layered on that work are sensor tags that give you deeper insight into how, when, or where that work was done. With real-time information, you can instantly reward your best performers, or let them suggest improvements to the process. In any case, your best work and workers can be shared across the organization.

Modifi has figured out how to make technology work harder for you – in any industry – easily and with real-time insights. Contact us today to learn why. Modifi.io