Bad Data is worse than No Data.


Decision makers, managers – all of us – accommodate the use of bad data in our daily work and in doing so, we are creating additional costs to the organizations we serve - according to Thomas Redman’s HBR article from November 2016. We know we have flawed data - we often start big projects with that data, or we’ll hire consultants to come in to help fix big problems leveraging the bad data from the start.  And because we have deadlines to meet, individuals will often ‘correct’ the data to complete the tasks at hand. Add up all of these ‘minor’ adjustments, layer on institutional knowledge, personal preferences, subjectivity, etc. and you’ve got one shaky database of how your business gets done.


Give the gift of Data Quality to your organization.

According to CrowdFlower, data scientists spend over 60% of their time simply cleaning up and organizing the data they are paid to optimize. That means they spend more time prepping their work than doing it. However, this work is important. For organizations that strive for quality data and trustworthy resources, their ability to zag when others are zigging greatly improves outcomes. They eliminate additional costs of ineffective employees and focus on creatively driving their revenue options.


Start with the basics.

Put quality data collection at the top of your list of priorities and begin the process of collecting facts. Use sensor-backed tools and customized apps to lock in the processes you want repeated and shared across your organization. Validate the information in real time and disperse customized reports across your team to bring informed decision-making to the forefront of your daily activity.

At Modifi, we’ve built the tools for you and your industry. We know what it takes to put powerful technology in the hands of the janitor, the delivery team, and your vendors. The data we summarize in real time enables managers of all levels to be at the top of their game and helping lock in the valuable processes of the organization. We encourage you to reach out to to take a customized tour for yourself and embrace the power of your people.







Marie Gill