Case Studies

Case 1 - Asset Tracking

Modifi solved a major problem in for a Fortune 500 company to help turn inventory faster, helping billions of dollars worth of inventory flow faster.  Whether you're tracking a single pallet or a diving into a complex process, Modifi's software helps you track virtually any asset. Layer on inspections, repairs, audits, sensors, artificial intelligence algorithms (i.e. color and image recognition), and you have an unparalleled asset management solution. 

Case 2 - Logistics

Using smartphone sensors, including GPS, gyroscope, accelerometer and microphone, Modifi was able to automate the collection of data, to learn when processes were occuring and support redeployment of staff in less-busy times, to other useful tasks, making better use of labor and asset management.  

Case 3 - Maintenance

One happy Modifi client was able to enhance the maintenance protocols of their trucks. Modifi software automatically flags and reports problems, so that if an issue is found, it gets fixed. Our clients appreciate the KPI's that they get, as it enables them to spot trends and become proactive.  

Case 4 - Management

Our work in both the medical field and food safety monitoring industries reminded us that adherance to health and safety protocols is critical. Modifi works with leaders in these fields to measure, audit, record data from hospital rooms to farms to ensure that "checklists" are followed according to best practices. By storing data in a searchable database, not only data, but information, is on-hand at any time.