Logistics Case

Problem: Managing variable and complex processes takes time and expense. 

Workers in logistics operations must efficiently connect to the rest of the ecosystem.  That usually takes paperwork, phone calls, managers, and spreadsheets – a considerable cost. 

Solution: Modifi provides a mobile app and web-based management dashboard that provides seamless connection between interconnected parts of a holistic process.    

Our client, a nationally recognized leading retailer, has thousands of trucks moving inventory around their distribution centers. Truck movement tasks per hour range from 1 to 30 in a given hour, making staff-allocation an ongoing challenge. 

Modifi developed a mobile app to track each task, making sense of an otherwise guessing game.  Within two weeks, patterns emerged, and the data was available to start asking “why,” and answering with data. 

In the web backend, our client watched key performance indicators for the work they were tracking – so that they could create rewards for throughput and allocate staffing to needs more efficiently. 

Other logistics applications include collections and deliveries, inspection-repair cycles, fulfillment activities, and the gig-economy. 

To learn why…Modifi. 

Conner Cayson