Maintenance Case

Problem: Safety checks on trucks are time-consuming but critical to do correctly.

Every time a truck leaves the loading dock, it heads out onto the road.  Safety and reliability are paramount for this client’s business.

Solution: Modifi provides a mobile app and web-based management dashboard that provides checklist of tasks and then routes problems to the responsible team for follow-up. 

Our client, a nationally recognized leading retailer, has thousands of trucks moving inventory around their distribution centers. Trucks are loaded and unloaded throughout the day, but sometimes it’s not busy and people have extra time.  Since reliable trucks are so critical for their operation, the client began using this idle time to perform mobile inspections, preventing truck failures to improve safety on the road. 

Modifi developed a mobile app that allowed each driver to walk around their trucks inspecting tires, brakes, lights, registrations, etc. Drivers and other staff members recorded the condition of each item using simple “Pass/Fail” buttons on their smartphone.  If a problem was found, the Modifi platform directed the new work-order to the maintenance teams and then tracked the repair process.  Because our alerts could inform the team of exact location of the truck, who was inspecting, the truck number, etc., the maintenance team didn’t have to waste time scheduling the work, contacting the driver for details, manage the repairman, confirming it was done, etc. 

In the web backend, our client watched key performance indicators for the work they were tracking – speed of repair, type of repair, frequency of issues by type or by truck, who’s good, who’s below average, etc. – so that they could create rewards for well-maintained trucks and participating drivers and proactively manage. 

Other maintenance applications include janitorial services, garbage collections, building engineering, cars, machinery, conveyor belts, HVAC, etc.

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Conner Cayson