Facilities Management Case

Problem:  A broken light here, a spill there, a broken mirror, graffiti – these are each small problems, but they add up to millions of hours per year and billions of dollars spent. 

In the U.S. there are about 87 billion square feet of commercial floor space to manage.  Each fixture and furnishing needs maintenance.  Managing the maintenance staff and “triage list” is both critical and expensive. 

Solution: Modifi provides a mobile app and web-based management dashboard to monitor inspection and maintenance follow up from beginning to end. 

Cleaning and maintenance crews are connected seamlessly, so each inspection “failure” results in the automatic creation of a work-order, which is deployed to maintenance personal, who fix the problem.  Measuring from beginning to end, executives see high-level KPI’s, trends, comparisons and contrasts.  With the viewpoint, executives can make decisions, share best-practices, etc.

To learn why…Modifi. 

Conner Cayson