To Learn Why

"I drag-and-drop my way to a custom application for my team. No coding required! I put it into the field and improvements basically present themselves.”

Denise O., Director of Logistics




Modifi Studio™

We've designed Modifi Studio™ to be an app builder easy and fun enough for everyone! Studio gives you the power of an "AI" back-end with drag & drop simplicity.  Studio allows you to create custom apps in minutes. You can share apps in either iOS or Android. Each level of tasks fuses human & sensor data that you setup via Studio - our process modeling tool built for you.



Modifi Mobile™

Use our MOD devices (Purpose-Built Hardware as a Service) to provide powerful yet inexpensive technology for your workers.  Or, push your apps to your Android or iOS devices. Dispatch forms to smartphones or tablets that include notes, photos, videos, QR scans, bar-coding, dynamic surveys, signatures and, of course, a robust sensor data layer to confirm that all was done.



Dashboard & Reporting

Using our deep library of widgets or customize your own, you can quickly create a dynamic dashboard to display your team's data. Slice it or dive deeply into any aspect of the feedback to find anomalies, manage alerts, and close loops. Share the data across your organization and give the power of effective decision-making to your team. 



Machine Learning / AI

A library of useful algorithms helps you identify important activities, images, colors, sounds, and vibration patterns.  Train the system to learn your patterns and anomalies and correlate your data with outside data such as weather or traffic.  Use “generic supervised machine learning” to identify activities letting you “tag” any data to find the insights that matter to you.