//real time data for system and work optimization

Capture insights throughout the building to create corrective work orders, deploy engineers armed with prioritised job apps, assign and manage janitors, summarize asset fixes and operational standards for clients and vendors. Use alerts and notifications to keep everything fully functional.

  • Build corrective workorder or janitorial task apps in minutes

  • Assign and dispatch to field staff/ client service providers.

  • Assign and dispatch to field staff/ client service providers.

  • Collect detailed data to build asset reports, validate asset management records, client summaries.

  • Keep everything in a searchable, shareable digital format.

  • Real time data, alerts, notifications keep systems optimized.


    Convert your departments clipboards and papter into a custom app in minutes.

  • PUSH

    Apps get pushed to iOS and Android devices. Technicians/janitors do the work and sensor data is tagged with every inspection or cleaning.


    Your team can instant message each other, leadership or facilities maintainence, keeping you all informed and moving forward.


    Data appears on your dashboard instantly. Aggregate other software systems. Implement alerts, thresholds and rules.


    Data over time tells a story. Layer in algorothims to define process optimization and information.

Modifi is a proud recipient of CIO Review magazine’s
“10 Most Promising ENTERPRISE MOBILITY Solution Providers - 2018” award.

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