Customer Testimonials

Mofii customers spam from large big box retailers, construction companies, logistics organizations, non-profits, and manufacturing businesses. Read below some of the great things they are saying about

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Wendy @ Nordstrom

" ...who wants to go through reams of paper or read-outs to try to find out what happened to something along the way, and to know if it's even an issue. Because you won't even know it's an issue until your customer calls, and that's way too late. "

John @ REI

" You don't get any ROI with paper because you're already at a disadvantage. You're already wasting time and people."
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Michael @

"A mod is a purpose-built, very powerful mini computer that helps you do your work better. Modifi Studio is an application that allows non software people, low tech people to drag and drop their way to a custom application...Our clients essentially develop their own application- their own software."